Dyaar Smart Company provides quality and specialized services based on the actual need of the smart construction and construction market


Dyaar Smart has the ability to complete major infrastructure projects at the best possible quality

Engineering designs

According to the best international standards and standards on the new generation smart construction system

Mechanical works

Dyaar Smart has a team specialized in mechanical works with all related cooling systems, central air conditioning, elevators, escalators, fire fighting systems, and disasters.


Dyaar Smart has worked on many major projects in the Kingdom and the Middle East

E - business

Dyaar Smart Company specializes in all electronic systems of surveillance and safety systems and the supply and installation of electronic devices associated with the work of intelligent construction

Electricity works

Dyaar Smart Company works on the design and implementation of all work related to the generation and conversion of electricity and lighting cities and maintenance works.

Bridges works

Dyaar Smart Company carries out the work of bridges and tunnels of the design, implementation and supervision according to the best international standards adopted

Sanitation works

Dyaar Smart Company is working on the design, implementation, and extension of sewage networks for megaprojects and irrigation and drainage projects

Road works

Dyaar Smart Company is working on the implementation of major road projects and maintenance and paving roads and infrastructure of cities and for domestic and international travel routes.

Airport Works

Dyaar Smart participated in many major projects in the internal airports, including contracting, finishing and major construction works


Dyaar Smart has a team of distinguished interior architects in interior and exterior decorations and modern and smart technologies keep pace with smart buildings


Modern and distinguished where Dyaar Smart company has engineers specialized in the work of finishing and technical supervision of smart finishes and unique